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Company Profile

Every large company has a past, present and future.


For many years as Koubaras, we installed and maintained successfully smart technology systems and have the expertise to solve any technical problem you encounter. The Koubaras is a modern organization that is composed of highly skilled and experienced professionals in smart technology, digital technology, consulting, retail, facility management, maintenance services, security & multi-level services.


We operate in intelligent electronic systems, facility, consulting, automation and security services such as:

Security Services

  • Alarm systems & Closed circuit recording & monitoring / CCTV
  • Alarm Receiving Center station & services

Digital Technology Services

Consulting Services

Retail & Customer Services

IT & Technological Equipment


The expanded business strategy of Koubaras will have three key consulting parts, all with the aim of promulgating best practice and responsible management: professional consultancy, training and information management. The professional consultancy offering, which includes acquisition and joint venture advice, project management, asset management and strategic facilities management, will complement Koubaras’s current service provider offering.


Our teams are constantly looking for better ways of doing things, so look out for more 'Smart' solutions coming soon.


Our Employees


In recognition of the fact that human resources are the cornerstone of the success of any company, we have created an environment that allows employees to develop professionally and personally.


Aiming at being a “HR model” company with respect to the work environment, we have applied a labor policy according to which:

  • We cultivate a working environment that is suitable for the professional and personal development of employees
  • We inspire mutual respect, honesty and trust between the Koubaras’s employees;
  • We implement a lifelong learning and skill development model for our staff, by organizing seminars and training programs
  • We design individual “career paths” that allow all employees to undertake positions of higher responsibility in the future
  • We adopt equal opportunity policies at all levels (selection, hiring, promotion etc)
  • We carry out seminars and training programs
  • We organize entertainment events and activities that strengthen the bonds between employees and the Company


The Environment


With a strong feeling of corporate social responsibility and in accordance with our environmental policy, we contribute to the mitigation of ecological problems by designing and applying a set of actions that help to preserve natural resources, save energy and develop environmental awareness. The principles governing our environmental policy are put into practice as follows:

  • We design and apply practices aimed at the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources
  • We contribute to the mitigation of environmental pollution
  • We safeguard natural resources
  • We save energy through the management of materials, products and waste;
  • We participate in organized recycling activities
  • We operate with a sense of responsibility
  • We encourage individual and collective initiatives supporting the actions of environmental non profit-making organizations.


We have acquired a significant part of our technological know-how and expertise via the participation in R&D projects for state-of-the-art solutions under the EU and National Research and Technological Development frameworks.


We define success by surpassing our clients' expectations. We always strive to ensure high-value services and build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. We provide strategic advice and effective implementation support, capitalizing on accumulated hi- tech know-how, operational management.

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